Johnny Heywood

Multi-instrumentalist Johnny Heywood is reckoned to be one of the most versatile exponents of McCartney's voice, musician-ship and character. Recreating some of McCartney's rockiest moments from the 70's to the ballads from all eras, sometimes hurting himself in the process. Johnny plays bass, guitar, piano, sings and changes costumes regulary throughout the year whether he needs to or not.

Lee Herbert

Drummer Lee Herbert has been a professional drummer for over 20 years which is more than long enough. He can sing too and play bass but he doesn't get any more money for being a smart-arse. Lee can hit notes that only a dog can hear whilst simultaneously keeping metronomic rhythm though his gum-chewing tends to fall on the bass drum beat. This year he is especially looking forward to playing at The Liverpool Beatle Week seeing as how the police never caught up with him the first time around.

Shane Gould

Shane Gould should never be allowed near a microphone as he has a voice that would scare children. However, the sweetness and light that he paints on his electronic keyboard palette more than makes up for this. He recreates the orchestral parts required of Beatles or Macca solo songs whether it be rock organ or a string quartet and bangs a mean tambourine when not tinkling the ivories. A parts player in the main, Shane plays it cool, maintaining that he hasn't got the dexterity of a retarded platypus whilst the band thinks that he does.

Ian Herbert

Ian Herbert plays guitar, bass and sings. Originally, Ian came into the band as a roadie and by virtue of being Lee's brother. However, great skill in the bass and guitar plus a sweet voice led to this promotion and the willingness to work for very little money probably sealed the deal. Ian, will be bringing his golden vocal tones back to sing with brother Lee in what vocal coaches throughout the world call "Herberising" rather than harmonising. This family-voice-similarity when used in Wingsbanned tends to sound  like a full 100 piece choir rather than just two voices and this has led to some recent arguments about how much the brothers should be paid.

Gareth Davies

Newest member Gareth Davies has an obscene collection of guitars and uses them to excellent advantage in Wingsbanned. Originally a Django fan Gareth was gently persuaded to abandon his pub rock and jazz club leanings towards a simpler beat and the promise of glamorous gigs and exotic women. Despite this misled naivety, Gareth has proven a dynamic addition to the band and a whirlwind stage performer. He has a certificate to prove this. When not playing guitar Gareth is in charge of several hospitals in the UK which basically makes him the band's own private health scheme.